Saturday, October 22, 2005

Asirgarh looking south

Saturday, October 15, 2005


this is in Taj Gang, blocks from the Tag Mahal...I first saw the youngest brother and tried for his photo but he said no...I walked by again on my return to the hotel, and his brother was thrilled for a pic...soon the others arrived, and as prompted by their dad, a "ready for school" photo shoot ensued...of course I'll be sending copies...

here's her family...


this girl was sitting on the street below my hotel window...she smiled up as I leaned out to watch the day begin...I descended to take her photo ...she was elegant and sweet...soon her siblings arrived...I will be sending them all copies as their father shared his address...

this little girl poked her head into our rickshaw begging for food...both Jav and I were stunned by her beauty the photo fails to capture...the pic was actually taken several hours after we first saw her...we told the driver to return to the busy intersection in hopes she might still be there...we were lucky...

Dawn, Dusk, and Dinner

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Two for Shame

not our proudest moments
Jav gets lost his first morning in Delhi...went for a morning run in the labyrinth of money, no i.d., without the name of our hotel, wearing only running shoes and shorts..."I'll be back in an hour" turned into three...I went searching a couple of times, finally to conclude I had to call the U.S. Embassy to report him I entered our hotel to begin the process, there he was...stunned and silent...I can only imagine the pain the last four hour entailed...the first day in India is the hardest...but add the stress of being totally lost in the situation of urban Delhi...ooof...

there's overnight train ride of some twelve hours plus...without a reservation, and so no place to sleep...I took the hallway after a state policeman demonstrated the way...he's pictured behind...I won't mention the specific filth that is tracked on the ground beneath me...I won't call it sleep because my lizard brain was sensing the diseases creeping into my skin...glad Jav decided to save the moment...glad I've decided to share it...

Golden Temple

we visited several different temples of varioius denominations, and this was both the most welcoming and the most felt truly a place of contemplation and well, the community seemed strong in its unity... we are pictured because it felt we did belong during our visit...

Learning the Indian Style

Javier is taught how to wrap the cotton in traditional fashion from a local in Benares. We met on the main market as the man stared at Jav's earlier attempt bemused and clearly wanting to fix the problem. He later took us to an ashram of a local saint (Jav could tell you his name), and then to a silk factory where I spent too much rupees on beautiful hand woven scarves. Such is the way in India...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Three on the Ganga

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Dashboard Shrine

The bus to Asirgarh, a god and marigolds leading the way. The front seat free.

Monday, October 10, 2005

This man works for five dollars a day,
in the rain, smog, heat, hungry, cold
but his smiles seemed easy
for how many years and how many miles
I wonder has he smiled
in the rain, smog, heat, hungry, cold
five dollars a day
smiling in a strangers lens.

Two Favorites...

Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Pushkar

once again, Pushkar was the mellowest part of the trip; the place is magic; felt it in my bones within hours of arrival. Sonu (pictured) greeted us at Shriya Rest House; great kid, great hotel, run by a very kind family; the father invited us to his home for tea, one of the few genuine hospitable times; stay there if you ever go, and you should, it's a place that will awaken...
we climbed the hill overlooking the lake; i gave the kid a ride Lincoln style, as he was crying exhausted half way up a long steep climb; the descenders shouted "Jai Mata Di!" which I believe was "Power of God" or such, to motivate our ascent... a wonderful day...